Why Choose Cooper Reeves

Sellers and Buyers
  • We open longer hours
  • Viewings and valuations outside office hours – Because time is at a premium nowadays, we make sure we are always available even when you’re not, meaning appointments before we open and after closing as well as weekends is part of our daily routine.
  • We work with several associates and affiliates across the country in an effort to always deliver for you

Marketing & advertising

Professional photography and floor plans at all times – use any phrase if you will, it is true that a picture can say so much more than any words could ever hope to conjure, that is why we use professional photographers for images and floor plans, at no additional cost to yourself.

We utilise major portals, our website, social media, local and national publications, as well as traditional means and campaigns to give your property maximum extensive exposure.

More than just a number

As a small independent we are able to meet your requirements and offer you and your property a more personalised serviced. By nature as a smaller independent we are able to dedicate more care and attention to you and your needs, as opposed to a large corporate estate agents is able to provide, due to the fact that size of its portfolio and the constraint of time it has available to cater to each and every client needs and wants equally. To us no one client is any less important than the other and we have the capacity and structure to meet each and everyone’s demands and requirement. We keep our portfolio manageable in order to allow for more time and effort to be spent with our client base.

Small dedicated team

We employ a small dedicated team allowing you the opportunity to be familiar with the inner workings of the company. No person is ever too far out of reach or lost in the structure of the agency that you will not be able to refer to them in any circumstances.

As well as working with many associates across the wider spectrum of the market and beyond, our in-house team is built up of friendly, approachable and enthusiastic people that are never too far of reach. Allowing for transparency of our commitment and aim to offer you a more personal service and care in the management of your property.

Traditional values fused with cutting edge applications

As a policy we always aim to meet each and every requirement you may have and when possible go beyond. This belief affords us the need to often support our business with the latest systems and innovations in the industry to help us meet our goals and your expectations, at the same time help make life as easy as possible for you. This does not mean we will neglect the human factor which is at the core of our business, and essential to any business dealing with people and aiming to ensure a flawless and passionate service. After all the business of providing a service is about the people.

If you would like a no obligation valuation please fill in the request form and we will get in touch shortly, or simply call one of our team on 020 7183 9022